UrgiTRAX - Together+Clinic

Intuitive patient monitoring.
Optimized for urgent care clinics.

UrgiTRAX Dashboard

Extend your care.
Improve your outcomes.

By utilizing our simple system after visits, you can help prevent subsequent complications, increase your revenue, and provide additional peace of mind for your patients.

New Revenue

When you provide premium care services via our system, you open the door to post-visit revenue streams.

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Risk Analysis

We automatically analyze patient-generated data for problematic trends, defending against complications.

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At-a-Glance Tracking

We allow you to easily manage your risk-stratified patient population from your personal clinical dashboard.

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Positive Trajectories

Our patient analytics help you take meaningful steps to keep your patients on the road to better health.

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Relevant Modules

We have modules related to your most common medical conditions, and we're always developing more.

Strep Throat

Sinus Infection



Ear Infection

... And More.

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