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Healthcare is broken.
We're here to mend the gaps.

As it is now, the continuum of care is fractured. Patients and doctors don't have an easy way to stay connected to improve health, and that's a problem.


Patients primarily see their doctors for routine, scheduled appointments.

Care Gaps

Time passes where patients and doctors are unable to connect.


Avoidable complications often develop that require medical attention.

Proactive Patient Monitoring

Understanding the current health status of your patients is integral in the delivery of care. We provide a more continuous stream of information for your clinical teams, without extra hassle.

Patient-Generated Data

Our pain-free website allows patients to track key health metrics between visits.

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Risk Analysis

We automatically process the data using our propriatary risk analysis algorithms.

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Focused Interventions

We give clinical team members new insights for proactive care decisions.

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We cater to your practice.


Our complete solution helps your practice optimize the management of acute and chronic conditions.


For cardiology and heart surgery, look no further. HeartTRAX is the perfect tool for your patient monitoring needs.

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UrgiTRAX is designed to help urgent care clinics stay connected with patients until their immediate symptoms subside.

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Check out the video below to see how it all works.

Chronic Care Management

Patients with multiple chronic illnesses may qualify for Medicare's Chronic Care Management (CCM) program, billable under CPT code 99490. We streamline CCM by providing a focused set of tools for eligible patients and their doctors. Plus, we'll be there as your teammate.

Your Care

We enable you to track your own care services, instead of outsourcing CCM to a third-party clinical team.

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New Revenue

Under CPT code 99490, your care services may be billable for select Medicare patients.

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Easy Documentation

Crafted for clinical workflows, our software helps you track your CCM activities without any headaches.

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"Together Clinic has brought a new level of patient connectivity to my practice while making it easier for the nurses, physician assistants, and doctors to manage their patients. We literally use this application every day."

Richard Thompson, MD
Richard Thompson, MD
Bryan Heart

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