Chronic Care Management.

Simple cloud-based tracking.
Streamlined for your workflows.

Together+Clinic CCM Dashboard

What's the business opportunity?

Medicare's CCM program (billable under CPT 99490) presents a great way to improve patient connectivity and increase revenue through your care services, as described below.

1600 patients for the average primary care provider

40% are Medicare

67% have 2 or more chronic conditions

$43 is reimbursed per patient, per month

$218,000 in potential annual revenue per provider*

*Any clinical team members acting incident to the provider can contribute towards CCM.

What goes into CCM?

Chronic care management can be a straightforward process when you boil it down to the basics.

Patient Qualification

Patients must be on Medicare and have 2 or more chronic conditions to qualify for CCM.

Informed Consent

Whether it's written or verbal, you must talk to patients about CCM and get their consent.

Care Plans

You must create a patient-centered care plan and update it at least yearly.

20 Minutes of Care

Each month, you must log at least 20 minutes of non-face-to-face care services.

We keep it simple.

Our CCM features expedite every step of the process, allowing you to efficiently capture and bill for CCM activities. We're committed to your success, and we'll be there as your teammate for all things CCM.

Consent Forms

We provide a convenient consent outline that your team can use with patients.

Templated Plans

With our built-in templates, your team can create care plans with ease.

Time Tracking

Our time tracking tools help your team efficiently log CCM activities.

One-Click Reports

We make it easy to track the billing status of patients and generate reports.

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